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Tavex has great experience in system and applied programming, development of drivers and interfaces. Tavex provides profitable outsourcing for a concerned companies. 
Our Services
Tavex performs software development and art design over Internet. We implement integrated  projects and separate modules, make creative tasks, redesign and reverse engineering. We possess high level of responsibility, provide stable development flow and excellent quality of target  products.
We'll be glad to expand our business and are looking for new partners. Using our services you'll have no overhead costs and no investments for equipment and tools.
We are customer-oriented.
Customers are welcomed here! 
Our Projects
Our Skills
  • leading-edge technologies under Windows9X/NT and DOS 
  • advanced native and custom interfaces, owner-draw features 
  • 3D rendering, DirectX, OpenGL, hints and optimization 
  • programming real world behavior, design adequate physics
  • 2D image processing, mathematical algorithms 
  • networking, network games, game servers, network protocols 
  • optimization - speed, size, special cases 
  • database applications, client-server design 
  • low level programming, microcontrollers, drivers 
  • Web design and Java programming 
  • 2D and 3D artwork design, static and animated 

Our Partners
Here are companies we've been working with: Microsoft Corp (US), Virtual Arts (US), Maxis Inc (US), Led Effects (US), LabExpert GmbH (Ger), MultiMedia Software (US), CoinMan, Inc (US), PastTree (US), Mediaphor SE,AG (Ger), GlobalTrend (Ger).
Why Partners Up With Tavex
  • Robust Customer Communications 
  • Product Delivered On-Time - Just like next door 
  • Competitive Pricing - just ask, and you'll be surprised 
  • Cutting-edge skills 
  • 24/7 production capability (we work on our earth side while you're sleeping) 
  • Substantial Cost Savings Through Outsourcing

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