This is second version of Sea Battle game.
Game has realistic shooting, blowing and firing effects.
Blowing fragments are even able to make some holes in
your screen!

BIT will take place in four new locations,
named as follows:
 - 1. Age of Sail - classic midle age epocha.
 - 2. Fantasy world - it is where reality and dreams are crossed
 - 3. Supernova - space battle near Supernova star.
 - 4. On the orbit - planetary fleet fights invaders.
Game features:
 - Four interactive environments and ship sets.
 - Network play through IPX or TCP/IP.
 - Internet sales and playing will be opened through
 - Requirements: Pentium2 233 Mhz, 32Mb RAM, 3D Accelerator.

Download Battles in Time demo - bitdemo.exe, 3,3 Mb.